In which our hero thinks of actually blogging

So you know, this was almost my whenever I feel like it blog. Maybe I should just blog. Maybe it will be a knitting blog. Maybe it will be my nerd blog and let my geek show. I’m really not sure. I know that I”d like to have a bit more to it.

…in which our hero just says hi


Yeah…I was tempted to leave it at that. LOL Just letting you know I haven’t forgotten. I’ve been knitting and deep in the heart of birthday season. Thankfully that’s over and we can roill tword cmas!! UUUGGGGHHH.. You know there’s less than 100 days till cmas? That’s a heck of a lot of knitting I need to get done!!!!!

I think I will go knit now.

in which our hero….makes an afghan

20 balls beetches!!!

That’s right…be jealous. I’m now 21 balls into my stash down. Well..I will be. I’m making an afghan and I’m 13 blocks into a 20 block afghan. :) It’s done in bulky weight yarn (it’s supposed to be all Bernat Softee Chunky but I didn’t have it all in that) and I’m really ejnoying seeing how the whole thing is coming together. :) It’s done in cream, burgandy, deep blue, grey and dark green. I hope that it turns out to be a really snuggly homey blanket.

I just made a deal with my FAAABULOUS friend (HI CAKE!) that we’d both make a ‘Rosanne’ blanket. LOL I love the random silly granny squares that are just patchworked together. I think mine will each be edged in black because I always want my blankets HUGE.

In other knitting news (ok so all that was crochet…deal) I’m almost done with my supah sekret project (on the last skein) and that’s really about it. I have been crocheting so much that I haven’t been knitting. I know…I know. No I’m not sick. I have knit on the sekrit project enough to keep the jitters away. Which is good. Soon I’ll either be casting on Tahlia or a circle jacket. :) I’m thinking Tahlia just cuz it’s smaller. LOL

And that concludes today’s episode.

in which our hero ponders school

My monkeys start school Monday. :(  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!  I like it when they’re home. I like having them here. I like how they play, how they think, what they do…everything. :(  Ugh.  Well..that’s ok. Life marches on right? I think C will do very well this year. I forsee a shaky start just like every year, and some math issues…really nothing out of the ordinary. S I think will be great. He does very well with things but overwhelms easily. Maybe I can get him to USE that pocket notebook I got him. LOL  A should do great. Her teacher seems nice. Not as mega awesome as last year’s teacher. But pretty good. ;)  K worries me a little. Not hugely like last year…but some. :(  I just hope he adjusts to his schedule quickly. L and I should have an amazing year. :) She’ll be home with just a trip per week to the speech therapist at the school and really…then it’s just us. :)  School should be good and hopefully I can get A into girl scouts (her request) as soon as school starts.

MY KNITTING!! I finished the Jaqueus hat. It’s great. :) I did it in all grey so it’s semi-professional looking. I don’t mean the knitting, I just mean it’s not a childish hat. There might be a small tuck in scarf or fingerless mitts to go with it. I’m not sure yet. I’d have to figure out sizing on both.   Socks are still on hold. I have to buy the yarn. I ran out about 1/6 of the way down the foot on the 2nd sock!! UGH  They’re really cute though. :)  I’m not working much on the build me up blanket. We haven’t done many movies and that’s when I really just start plowing through.  No biggie though, there’s no time constraints and I will be running out of yarn (in the right colors) soon anyway. LOL

Oh and I think I’m going to start the ‘boredom buster’ bag. :) I like it a lot and I have some really fun wool I can do it in. A light burnt orange and a dusty sage green. It will be a really fabulous fall bag. I have a TON of black patons wool also so I’ll likely throw some of that in for contrast.

I’m really uninteresting enough to bore someone into a vegetative state. So I’ll stop. ;)

in which our hero….does a stash down

Ok. So I’ve gotten really into podcasts lately. The knitgirllls are AWESOME. Lala was doing a ‘stash down’ and just recently finished. 50 skeins. Hmm…I haz 50 skeins. I could use to stash down. Plus…I have christmas knitting coming. Hmmm.  Crap.  Now I gotta stash down. *why do I say this in my head with jazz hands and a whisper voice?*  STASH DOWN. *JAZZ HANDS* 

So….I’m gonna keep count here. 

1 skien so far.  GO ME!!!  Caron Simply Country in the dark grey color. Jaques Cousteau hat (found on the most wonderful be a member beetches) for my brother for cmas. :)  YAY ONE SKEIN!!

The one where…..Lemon says hi again

Well helloooooo to absolutely no one. LOL Even the people that have this blog address gave up checking it so no biggie. The summer has been going really well. The kids are out of school and happy. We had our break to NJ and you know…it was good. I had a lot of anxiety over our trip. How would my monkey do? How would the little Snerf do? Would any of us get any sleep? Would the cousins get along? He did great, she did great, yes we slept and the cousins got along famously. I got to get to know some of the cousins in their older years (not like old, just teens) and they’re awesome. All of them. God I wish I could just have them. LOL Hopefully we can get two of the girls (at least) to come visit for a bit. I think I’ll check on plane tickets for that.

Knitting wise I’ve been a busy busy bee. I love it so much. I’ve knit several pair of socks, given them all away. LOL Knit a truly beautiful shawl out of yarn that was gifted to me and I love that a LOT. Now I’m knitting for an amazing woman that I love and hoping beyond hope that she loves it. :) Also knitting socks…never not knitting socks.

I’ve gained a bunch of weight back. I’m NOT happy with me. But…this week…I’ve started working on it. Getting my work outs in and truly honestly getting my food in hand. BUt…tonight is pizza night. This is gonna be a tricky one. I’m thinking of cutting up the eggplant and giving it a tomato sauce treatment then slapping some cheese on it. Hopefully that will do it.

And she’ll have fun fun fun….

Cuz the monkeys are on summer BREEEEEAAAAAAKK. :) 

YAY! It’s summer time. I’m a horrible blogger but I found my good (and fun) camera so I’ll try. But I say that a lot.


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